I began this blog during my library school studies as an assignment to complete a portion of the original 23 Things program. This is a popular and ongoing LIS assignment because the original concept was so brilliantly conceived. Countless spin-offs arose from nearly every corner of the field, updating with new technologies, eliminating the outdated content, and expanding to pull in resources specific to archives or to information literacy or any other number of topics. Structured exploration is valuable for skill building, but also for cultivating the habit of curiosity and connection—these programs undoubtedly encourage people who would not seek out new technologies to explore and also provide a ready source for those who are naturally curious to see elements that they might have missed in their own expeditions. Either way, the programs are a great asset to the field of librarianship.

For the purposes of this blog I have extended the “things” I chose to cover with specific reflections about the ways they can be used in information literacy instruction or library outreach and programming. Now that I am back to writing in this space, I am shifting my focus ever so slightly. I will still be exploring new social media and technologies and the ways that these can be leveraged in the library environment, but I am departing from following any formalized “things” program—there are too many great resources that I use to artificially limit the process and sometimes the various programs are slow to respond to rapid technological changes. A case in point is the ambitious addition of intermediate and advanced sections to the original 23 Things for Archivists program, neither of which has ever be completed—though the resources that are there are still largely very useful elements. The newest version (which is being updated) is located at a new site, and has a less demanding schedule of additions.

So, as the title suggests, this blog is about a journey. It began in graduate school and is now extending beyond that into my professional life. With that, it is evolving beyond the original thematic confines, though still focusing on the exploration of technological tools and reflections about potential use in the library field. I look forward to my explorations and to the interactions that will happen along the way!