Exhibit test materials and learning some new software

Cinderella images

A test background for an upcoming exhibit on Cinderella.

Four Cinderella images

Cinderella test image for exhibit background.

I have been working with the Smathers Libraries Digital Humanities Library Learning Group on an interesting project to learn techniques and tools related to digital humanities work. As part of the exhibits committee I am working with a group of librarians to curate and create an online exhibit using children’s books from the Special Collections Department. The two images above are test backgrounds for a new exhibit on Cinderella and Ashenputtel, the French and German versions of the classic story.

I have been working with Omeka a lot lately (you can see the basics of my first forays into using that CMS from a few years ago in this earlier post), and I have had the chance to experiment with the exhibit creation tools in ways I have not tried in the past. This includes using Neatline, a timeline and geospatial imaging plugin. I am testing the process of using this plugin to create image-driven narrative content (as opposed to map- and timeline-based), which has great potential to create engaging displays.

I will make a longer post detailing more of my process later on, but for now I have posted the above images in order to have base layer images available online; I am still working out sizing and layout details, so nothing is finalized yet. So far the experiments have been exciting, and of course I always love building graphics! I look forward to adding more reflections soon.